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 "What an innovative new product. I totally love My Guitar Mate. Excellent new way to practice without a strap. Very comfortable and reliable. This product rocks!" - Kevin B. Klein

“This product rocks people. I have a few of these for demo purposes. If you’re teaching music this will be especially useful for your students. Those of you who own odd shaped instruments, My Guitar Mate is also suited to your needs. Check out the endorsement & webpage. Good luck to my friend & founder Mr. Michael George!” - Lawless

Here is what Ronnie Mancuso from Fender had to say while using My Guitar Mate® on a Jackson Flying V.

Ted Nicolosi dropped by to see us at the House of Guitars in Rochester.

Michael Shiel gave us a very kind shoutout at the House of Guitars in Rochester.

“My Guitar Mate rocks!  It is a very innovative, useful product.” -Mic Bez

“We have been trying My Guitar Mate around our studio.  It works great." -Tracy Cox, Inlay Design Studio

James Ryder trying out our pad at the House of Guitars

"Picked one of these up and met the owner/creator last week at the House of Guitars. The My Guitar Mate works very well with keeping the guitar from slipping. It also keeps my guitars from getting scratched from my wallet chain. I do recommend."

- Tim Seneca

 "As I sit here with my new -MyGuitarMate-, I'm thinking... it's about time! What a great idea! I do a lot of recording and I absolutely hate cords and straps or anything else getting in the way of what i'm doing. I also hate my guitar sliding off my lap as it always seems to do. That is now a thing of the past! MyGuitarMate has solved the problem once and for all! The made in the USA and very attractive product will now be a part of my practice and recording must-have tools! It's one of those products that just works with no buyer regrets! Reasonably priced and well made, this baby is a winner!!!

P.S. I got 2!!!"

- Bob Marini, Producer/Composer/Talent Summer Productions/Summer Sound Studio

 "Great idea, great product. Use mine all the time!"

- Ed Bores

 "What a great product this non-slip mat is. We have used them all summer long with bands performing on our outdoor stage with great satisfaction. The feedback has been extremely positive from customers, employees, and our service department staff. We highly recommend this product. It took Michael George, an avid guitar enthusiast, to come up with this great product. It is all proudly made in the USA. Great job Mike!"

- Bruce Schaubroeck, House of Guitars

 "We have been using the pads around the shop. Some of our customers, along with our in-house staff have tried them. Everyone loves this product, works great. Give it a try. I think you will love it too!"

- Curt Smith, House of Guitars

 "My son is 11 and he started using the Guitar Mate after receiving one on Saturday at The House Of Guitars Guitar Expo. He went right home to try it out and has been using it non-stop since. So easy to use and keeps his guitar from slipping down his lap when he’s playing! He LOVES it! Great product and great customer service!! Definitely give it a try!"

- Heather

 "I have been using 'Guitar Mate' with students in my studio and it has proven to be an extremely handy tool. Learning to play the guitar is challenging - and all the more so if students are distracted by their guitar sliding away from them while they play. The non-slip surface and elegant design provides a handsome way to prevent the movement of the guitar on the leg as well as relieve any discomfort from the corner of a classic or acoustic guitar."

- Peter LaVine, Private Guitar Instruction

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